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School Miracle PT2

So folks. I'm just gonna continue with my story of God's provision for my life this year.

The end of the first semester was coming to a close and I only had $1,500 saved up for the next semester. Now that is way less than even half of what I needed. I was getting nervous but kept reminding myself about how God had been providing for me thus far. I was extremely grateful, but a part of me couldn't help but think that he had already blessed me to his limit. Now how ridiculous is that? But indeed that is what I felt. I had an art fair coming up at the beginning of December and I was putting a lot of hope into it. I felt as though this could be where God would bless me.

I was in school when the art fair happened and had to let my sister Laura man the booth for me. The first day of the fair went by and Laura told me that she had sold nothing at all. 'That's odd.' I thought. I had done an art fair before and managed to sell $600 worth of prints and artwork in just one day. The next day she sold only a painting for under a $100. Now I was getting scared. These art shows are expensive and I only had like half a day left! I realized that I might not be able to go to school next semester and would have lost quite a bit of money on this fair. I had to give it up. I once again told God that he was in charge of my future. I gave up my rights to finishing school and humbled myself before God.

That evening I got a text from my sister saying that I had sold a painting for over a grand! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited. So from what I made from the fair and the $1,500 that was left from my scholarship I went home for the christmas break, still unsure if I was coming back or not. Over the break I was blessed from family members who wanted to see me succeed. I was able to come back for the next semester. I showed up in Rosebud with enough money to cover first month's rent and tuition fees. I felt extremely blessed. Of course I still felt a bit of trepidation at how in the world was I going to pay for food and rent. But I was a bit more confident too. God had provided this far and he was going to let me down yet.

The night I showed up in Rosebud, I checked my email and saw that someone had blessed me with $2,900! I screamed and cried and ran around the house telling my roommates that God had just provided all the money I would need for the entire semester! It was more than enough and now I had money for the school trip to Vancouver! I had also been praying for a phone and a car. Now I had enough money to pay for a phone which was very necessary for the school trip as well!

I knew one thing for a fact. God wanted me here at this school this year. He continued to provide me with strength through a couple of depressing months and friendships that were meat to my soul!!!

The end of the year drew close and I didn't know what to do with my summer. Now however, I had learned not to stress and to just trust that God would lead me. I applied for a job. However, I also needed a car and a place to live, in order to make the job work. Once again I told God that I was going to walk through the open doors until one closed in my face.

First I was offered the job and as I felt that I needed to give them an answer. I felt that I was suppose to say yes. It took me a bit to find a place to live and the school year was coming quickly to an end and I needed a car. after many inquiries I did manage to find a place and my dad told me that he would bring me a car.

A couple days before school ended, my dad texted me saying that the car broke down completely. I read this text right before performing in a show my class had put on. My nerves weren't only frazzled from the audience, but also from my anxiety of the future. The entire show, I was struggling with giving up my summer and learning to let go all over again. I kept telling God that I only had a week before I started my new job and I needed a way to get there. But as is usual, he was silent. The show ended and I walked home talking to God. I told him that I needed him to give me a car but that maybe he didn't want me here for the summer and that I was going to surrender to his direction. About twenty mins after this conversation with God, Daddy texted me and said that he had bought a car for me! You bet he get's the award for 'BEST DAD EVER!" Now maybe you can see the theme here, I have a need or desire and God waits until I've given him the control of my life and I surrender fully to his will, before answering.

I'm still learning and feel as though I have so much to learn. I get tired of always having to be stretched in my faith. My story sounds unreal even to me. It sounds so miraculous so inspiring, but everyday is a struggle. I felt and feel like a headless chicken who is foolish for trusting a God I can't see. I still doubt, I'm still weak. but my story, I hope does inspire you to walk in a path of reliance on God. because you can. We all have different struggles, and your story is going to look so different from mine, but God is the same. Yes, I do feel like I'm his favourite. But you are his favourite too and I know for a fact that I am not stronger than you. Trust him!


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