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School Miracle! Pt1

School is done! What a year it has been. Honestly, if you had told me that a year ago that I would finish a year of school debt free, I would have smiled and said, 'that'll take a miracle.' Yet here I am and ready to tell you my story.

So here I was, nearing the end of August and accepted into Rosebud School of the Arts (RSA.) I was dying to go. In fact I had told all my friends, family and employers that I would be gone in September for school. But I only had $2,500 in my bank account and my dad had warned me against getting a student loan for art education. What was I to do other than go to the only source I knew who could really help me? I hadn't wanted to go to school in RSA at first, because it was a performing art school and I was interested in visual art. But then after doing a scout week I figured that I really did want to come here. However, the deadline for accepting my acceptance was coming nearer and nearer to a close.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing in the shower pouring my desires and wants out to God and receiving no answer. I knew that God could provide and I had felt God's direction leading me to Rosebud from the start, but now was crunch time. Of course I could just get a student loan and that would solve all my problems but one, was this the school that God wanted me to go to? I wanted to walk in his will, you know, so it was important for me to seek him on this matter.

"God!" I finally cried. "I want to go to that school but if I go than I want you to provide for me. I am giving everything over to what you want and now the decision lies in your hands."

I felt relieved as all of a sudden I realized that the burden of my future was a heavy load I had been struggling with for a couple of months. I still wanted to go, but I knew that a decision would be made and if God didn't provide than there was nothing I could do about it.

The next day it popped into my head that I could just ask Daddy for 3 grand. I did and my dad said that it just so happened that he could make that work. That same day I also received an email from the school saying that I was going to receive an entrance scholarship for $500. Well, I could pay for first semester's tuition and first month's rent! So I took the leap. I told God that as long as the door was open I would continue to walk.

Now don't get me wrong! I was terrified and felt like the most rash and foolish person that I ever did meet! All I could think was 'how am I going to pay for food? and what about next month's rent?'

Well, sure enough, the end of the month was coming to a close. I had some available money on my credit card, and I was very tempted to use it. But once again, I fell to my knees and said "Dear God, I believe that you can provide for your children! you brought me here, so if I am unable to pay my rent and buy some food than this is over, I'm not getting into debt. I'm just going to trust you."

A couple days later, RSA threw a scholarship grad thing that they call the ROSA's. I've heard of scholarships but usually they don't happen at the beginning of the year. At least that's what little homeschooled me thought. Well, that day I received a total of $3,000 in scholarships. That was enough money to pay for my rent and add onto next semester's tuition! I never lacked money and I always had food! God is good. And man did I ever learn that. The things I learnt here, I will be able to apply in anything I do. I've learned the importance of being an artist and being honest and producing art from a place of complete truth in who I am.

That's a lot of reading for you today, so I'll write about the miraculous ways that God continued to provide for me the next semester in part 2.


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